NTE is a 30 year old supply chain technology company headquartered in Chicago.  It has been consistently ranked as one of the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers by Inbound Logistics.  The CEO, Robert Rocque, first contracted with members of our GrowB2B team 3 years ago and this case study and testimony details the work that was done.

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Case Study and Testimony


Compass Icon  Market Research

NTE has literally hundreds of competitors and supply chain software is a rapidly evolving industry.   As a result, we continually took the pulse of NTE’s desired market segment and targeted industries, from the perspective of clients, prospects and competitors alike, in order to make informed decisions about NTE’s product development and marketing strategy.

Database Icon  Lead Lists

The best lead lists are organically grown and there are a number of great strategies for doing so.  For new products and new niche markets however, this may not be the most ideal way to get started.    By identifying NTE’s ideal prospect profile, we were able to build lead lists in less than a weeks time in order to jump start the process and then organically grow them from there.

Online Education Icon  Webinars and Conference Calls

We maintained a nearly weekly regiment of free live webinars that touched on both repeated topics that consistently drew an audience interspersed with new, perhaps industry or platform specific, topics we wanted to test.  By the end of the three year campaign, we had held over 100 webinars covering dozens of unique topics.

Qualification Icon  The Qualification Process

The qualification process was done nearly entirely through a series of phone calls.  We worked to identify the current supply chain system in place, the strengths and weaknesses or “areas for improvement” within the existing system, which competing supply chain technology competitors the prospect is engaged with if any, timeframe for system upgrade or replacement, decision maker(s), decision making process, and budget.

Lead List  Hand-offs

A single page report, or hand-off, details the findings of the qualification process.  Once a meeting date is set between the qualified prospect and a member of NTE’s internal sales team, and this could be a face-to-face meeting, follow-up webinar targeting the prospects specific ecosystem and pains, or simply a follow-up phone call, a hand-off is submit.  The much welcomed part about this from the perspective of NTE’s inside sales team is the fact that the prospect now knows NTE, what NTE offers and is expecting a call.  When compared to the pain of cold calling, what a wonderful feeling.

We have over 100 sample hand-offs for your review.

Checkmark Icon  Reporting

Our goal with NTE is a satisfied client who is pleased to continually renew our contract.  This is our goal with every project.  We used a combination of Salesforce.com reporting tools and custom reports to track the progress of each campaign against its goals.  Our qualified hand-off goal here was 4 per week.

Telecom Icon  Status Calls

Schedule is your lifeline and weekly status calls keep everybody on the same page and working together as a team.  This is time, usually no more than 30 minutes per week, that we use to discuss the pains and goals of specific prospects and how NTE might be able to address the pain prior to submitting the hand-off.  We also discuss the results of campaigns in progress and ideas for new campaigns.



“Warm leads are much appreciated by both my team and me.  Lead generation is a numbers game.  If they [GrowB2B] can do it better, faster and cheaper than my in-house sales team, why not?  I prefer to husband the knowledge and experience of my in-house sales team for closing as many qualified leads as possible.”

-Robert Rocque, CEO of NTE  

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