eSilicon is a fabless semiconductor company founded in 2000 in San Jose, California. eSilicon designs and manufactures digital CMOS ASICs.  In addition, eSilicon designs customizable memory IP and provides multi-project wafer services. eSilicon is considered a pioneer of the fabless ASIC model and is the world’s largest independent semiconductor design and manufacturing services provider. Their strength is in developing and delivering complex chips.

Chip Manufacturing

Since its founding in 2000 eSilicon has received a total of $86M in venture capital.  In 2002 eSilicon became widely known as the supplier of a key Apple Inc. iPod ASIC through PortalPlayer.  2004 revenues reached $91M largely driven by ASICs for the iPod. In 2006 Apple announced that they were changing their iPod ASIC strategy and eSilicon no longer supplies ASICs for the iPod.  Following the loss of the iPod business eSilicon diversified its customer base and announced in May 2008 that they were profitable and shipping ASICs to over 50 customers.

eSilicon provides physical design, design for test insertion, package design, product qualification, IP licensing, and manufacturing services for digital CMOS ASICs. eSilicon has announced products in .25 um, .18 um, .13 um, 90 nm, 65 nm, and 40 nm process technologies. Customer ASICs have been announced in a wide range of applications including digital cameras, portable multimedia players, inkjet printers, networking, and high performance computing.

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